Moji Universe

Moji Clock Games

Moji Clock Trainer is a learning game for kids who are about to learn how a mechanical clock works. With a simple yet effective learning approach the kids can learn to tell the time with support of encouraging speech and graphics. The application is easy to use and provides a number of different levels of difficulty.



Moji Bingo math learning

A multilevel bingo game aimed at teaching math to kids


Moji Djungle Tap Book

Explore the djungle! A tapbook for younger kids, with sound, pictures and animations from the djungle.


In production

Moji Money game

Play a bank with the objective to lend out as much money as possible, by bombing consumers, companies and the state with money. Collect interest, do re-lending from the central bank, handle bad loans, bailouts and bonds etc. We did this mainly for kids, but many adults in the test group liked it too. We will market the game through partners.


In production

Moji Ladybugs

Multilevel mathgame for very young kids