Rebranding Extransit Game Apps and e-Learning Applications to Mojitime

December 15, 2017
We are excited to announce the full rebranding of all Extransit Serious Gaming and e-learning games and applications to Mojitime.
The rebranding shall also include a new logo design for Mojitime which helps us in our new brand identity. Coming soon!!
Change is good and necessary. All of former Extransit game development, e-learning and publishing and institutional gamification clients are all informed about the full rebranding and change for some time and now the change is in full effect.
We invite you to stay tuned to newer developments and also acknowledge our newest Mojitime clients this last quarter of 2017 : GAN Aschehoug, and Hej Svenska.
We look forward to working with you and join the roster of long time partners and happy clients.

High Stakes App –


We were approached by the Flamman Ungdomarnas Hus in Malmö funded by the Heritage Fund to help them with a serious game app that addresses the huge problem of online gambling addiction. In the realm of serious games, like many types of addiction, online gambling is sinister and life-altering.

The High Stakes App project delivers strong value to individuals and the community. With over 100,000 Swedish citizens every year falling into the cycle of online gambling addiction, it is important to have avenues to help alleviate this trend.

Youth are particularly vulnerable. The game app helps curb gambling habits, provide messaging support and create short-circuit triggers / rewards that encourage them to stay on course. By no means is it an end-all or be-all solution but a step in the right direction.

Here’s a link to the High Stakes Game on the app store : 

Mojitime develops Informational App for Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority)

Mojitime developed an interactive informational app Solboken for the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten). Solboken was illustrated by the famous writer and author Pernilla Stalfelt. The app helps both children and adults learn about the Sun and provides valuable safety information delivered in a fun and engaging way.  Must acknowledge the contribution of our co-collaborators Åsa Böhme, Stefan Jaghe, Emilie Falk Renström

Download the app here:

Solboken on the App Store

Solboken on Googleplay



Form I Fokus App from Folkuniversitetets förlag


Our Mojitime team is proud to work with our long time clients Folkuniversitetets förlag developing their new Swedish Grammar app.

Let the app Form I Fokus  teach you the basics of the Swedish Grammar:

You quickly improve your skill in the Swedish language with the help of varied and challenging exercises —  a great companion learning online resource to boost your language proficiency.

Available on the App store and GooglePlay.